Tallinn IMCS Group member


Kütte 3 str.
74112, Maardu

Telephone: + 372 6272 540 Fax: + 372 6272 550 E-mail: info@imcs.ee

The Estonian office of IMCS was established in 1993 in order to provide survey services to clients in the Baltic area. After being founded, the company steadily expanded and now provides survey services to a large number of clients including shipowners, charterers, class, cargo/hull and machinery underwriters, P&I Clubs and cargo shippers/receivers.

Being conveniently located in Tallinn, other ports in the Baltic States, Finland and Sweden can easily be reached which allows for prompt intervention after being appointed.

All our surveying staff has extensive sea-going experience and efforts are made to remain up to date with the changes in the marine industry through the IMCS Group training activities and by following various other training courses such as P&I courses organised by the Swedish P&I Club, surveyor’s course in the St. Petersburg Marine Academy and the SDT-IMCS ultrasonic hatch cover tightness testing course.


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Sergei Lukjanov Director of IMCS Estonia (Eesti)

Mobile: + 372 5094 330 E-mail:

Ex Master and Engineer (general cargo, tanker, port vessels) and shore based as marine & cargo surveyor since 1992. Working as marine surveyor for two Tallinn based and international companies.

Specialist fields

P&I – or cargo underwriters related surveys, Ship inspections (P&I, H&M, Flagstate), Hatch Cover inspections, Lashing & Securing of heavy lifts steel cargoes, cocoa bean products.

Igor Kurochka Surveyor

Mobile: +372 5 048 746 E-mail:

Ex Master and Engineer (general cargo, container, tanker, port vessels) and shore based and marine surveyor since 1992 for several Tallinn based survey companies.

Specialist fields

P&I and underwriters related surveys. Lashing & Securing of heavy lifts Steel cargoes. Cargo condition surveys, Hatch Cover inspections. Ship inspections (P&I, H&M, Flagstate).