Odessa IMCS Group member


Tamazennaya sq 1
65026, Odessa

Telephone: +380 48 794 2977 E-mail: imcs@paco.net, portcpt@bigmir.net

IMCS Black Sea was founded in 1996 by Capt. Vladislav Dzhagaev in 1996, who spent 13 years at sea in all ranks, form cadet to Master before coming ashore.

The IMCS Black Sea office is based in Odessa which is one of the biggest Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea basin and provides all types of marine survey work, focussing on ship inspections for P&I clubs, S&P brokers and Flagstates. Further services include port captain work and cargo inspections, with occasional short periods as relief master on bunker vessels in the Odessa port area.

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Vladislav Dzhagaev (MNI) Managing director of IMCS Black Sea

Mobile: +380 99 73 99 363 E-mail: imcs@paco.net, portcpt@bigmir.net

Ex Chief Officer (oil tanker, gen. cargo, container & bulk carrier), ex Master (general cargo) and shore based since 1995. Working as marine surveyor and consultant for several Ukranian based and international companies.

Specialist fields

Ship inspections (P&I, H&M, S&P, Flagstate), ISM, hatch cover inspections, containers, loading and discharging of heavy lifts. Cargo superintendent/supercargo.